Starting at $1,499 pp, based on double occupancy (land only).

Enjoy the bustling city life in historic Dublin, and take in all this magical city has to offer. Then spend time exploring the quiet beauty of the countryside. Experience culture, adventure, and true Irish hospitality, while staying at superior accommodations and eating delicious and traditional Irish cuisine.

Please keep in mind that we can customize a tour to your particular needs. Perfect for families, small groups and couples traveling together.

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Ireland is often referred to as the 32 counties, with its two states, Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland, nicknamed respectively the Six Counties and the 26 Counties. The counties were a creation of British rule in Ireland and were set up in the 19th century to provide a framework for local government. Subsequently adopted by sporting and cultural organisations such as the Gaelic Athletic Association, which organises its activities on county lines, today the county division attracts strong loyalties, particularly in the sporting field.

The climate is mild with an annual temperature of around 10 C. The coldest months are January and February. During the summer, temperatures range from 14 to 20 C. The warmest months are July and August with average temperature reaching 16 c. There are about 18 hours of daylight during July and August and you will find it only gets truly dark after 11 pm.

As a golden rule Irish weather is not predictable! You could be wearing a t-shirt in March and need a woolly jumper for August! Ireland gets a lot of rain, so remember to pack a light coat.

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